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Here’s an outline of our quote process.

Take a look at our Questions page for information about zoning, building application processes, approval and licencing. 

Initial visit

Onsite quotes can be arranged within a couple of days.

We prefer to quote at the end of the working day, preferably from 3.30 pm onwards so that we’re not rushed to be at someone else’s job. Saturdays are fine too.

Olix doesn’t provide telephone quotes as it’s hard to determine the site conditions and accurately calculate the work required.

Design discussions

During the visit, there is ample time to discuss the building project and your preferred styles, construction materials, time frames and budget.

If your project involves a designer or architect, then providing the plans at this consultation is important.

Photos of similar jobs or examples of your desired outcome will be useful. It’s also better if everyone involved in the project can be present.

Quote preparation

Your quote will take between 2-3 weeks to prepare as research into specific council requirements or environmental controls is time-consuming.

For large jobs, Olix uses a Quantity Surveyor who provides accurate information about the cost of materials and labour. This means the quote is more accurate.

Olix can work on a cost-plus basis if necessary.

Follow up and sign up

If necessary, we can arrange a follow-up meeting to discuss the quote.

We can also re-quote with variations, modifications or changes to suit your budget if required. This can be an important step in making sure the essentials of your build are prioritised.

Once you formally accept the quote, a contract is signed. Olix uses a standard Fair Trading NSW contract.

Like a quote?

    Internal plastering to meet dormer window roof lines