Beautiful bathroom renovation
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Beautiful bathroom renovation

Olix Building specialises in bathroom renovation

Beautiful bathroom renovation

While renovating a bathroom can be daunting and requires planning and careful coordination to minimise time without key plumbing fixtures, it is also one of the most rewarding home renovation projects for the homeowner.

Modern bathrooms can be a joy to use — think custom shower heads and wash toughs and integrated heating and extraction units, think large bathroom cabinets and back-to-wall toilets that are efficient and easy to clean. New bathrooms can also be beautiful and a key feature of many contemporary home renovations.

Owners of this inner west terrace house wanted to accommodate laundry facilities, a full bath with a shower over, a wide wash trough basin and a linen press within their 1.8 x 3m space.

Have a look at how Olix Building helped their bathroom renovation enhance their home.

Front loader washing machine, laundry sink and full-length linen press
Wash trough with ‘peeled paint’ horizontal tiles as feature
Heated towel rail featuring moveable arms